Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's been faaaaar too long.

So what has happened that's been new??

A few weeks ago was Thanksgiving break. I went home to Tulsa and it was so much fun. I got to spend the holiday with Amanda and her family.  It was super fun meeting people and just spending time with her. I also got my haircut. Now it's short. BOOO. I can't wait for it to grow back! It'll be back soon enough though. My hair grows pretty quickly. Last weekend Amanda came down here to visit me! It was super awesome! We went to Michelle (her cousin) and Micah's wedding. It was cute. They were so excited and you could just see it in their eyes! After the wedding, they took family pictures and they made me be in them, too! =) I was nervous but they are all very nice.  Then we went and grabbed some snacks and drinks at the reception. We had to stay late to help clean up and when we were moving all the decorations, I dropped a vase thing and it shattered everywhere. I was so embarrassed but i lived through it. I think that's a good thing! Then I spent the whole weekend in Shawnee there with Amanda and her grandparents. We stayed up late, watched movies, and talked, and went shopping and it was just a fun filled weekend.

I'm all packed to move to the Hills. Now I'm just waiting for my move in day to arrive then I get to go home! I've taken three of my four finals and I'm nearly done! Wednesday I have off so that will be a day to relax and enjoy myself and gather up last minute items and get all studied up for my next exam. OMG JT IS GONE!! WOOOO! I moved out last night and left. He said bye and stuff and I was soooo happy! =D

On my way back from Tulsa from Thanksgiving, my car broke down.. No bueno. We took it to Pep Boys and it's been there for a week now. It turns out I never heard from them because when the wrote down my number to call me, the wrote it down wrong and had been calling the wrong number. Anyways, they said that it was the battery instead of the alternator. Much, much cheaper and easier! I still can't pick it up though because I'm supposed to pay with my Dad's card and it had fraud on it so we're getting new ones. I'm supposed to get my new one in the mail yesterday.. so hopefully it will be here today so I can finally have my car back!

I think that's all my current news.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catfish and Cory

Again it's been forever since my last blag.

What has happened? I don't know. Not a whole lot.
I guess I'll just start with the other day! So Cory, Jennah and I went to see Catfish! It took forever to get to the theatre and were 15 minutes late, but it was all good! The movie freaking rocked. I loved it. The Fun Dip was legit. And the mall it's at is amazing! After that I don't remember what I did. Went to pops. That's right. Lalalala. Um. After that went to Blockbuster and got a freaking sweet deal on Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Has a poster, booklet thing, a sweet box, soundtrack, and the theatrical version, special edition, and the directors cut. All for 7.99. Holla!

Today I woke up and Jennah wasn't feeling well so she skipped out on the mall with us. So just Cory and I went. We walked around for a while stopping in shops. OMG they have his movie store that has so many movies! I want them all! Then i bought a winter hat for winter. Ha. This way when it's icy, my ears won't freeze off my head. Then we walked back around the mall. Then we went to the food court and Cory got some Sbarros (sp?). Then we left and went back to SNU. Hey! We found a faster way to get to the mall now! Hooray!

After I got back, i watched Close Encounters. I feel asleep watching it. When i woke up i was hungry so i went to the Ho but it was closed. So i went to Pops but it was closed. So i decided to make a Sonic run! Hooray!!! Holy crap i went and used my Crimson Card for a 99 cent large drink and when they rang me up, it was only 86 cents! It was cheaper than the card said! YES! Found my new source for beverages! So i came back to my dorm and watched Starship Troopers. Classic. Jt watched most of it with me. He wasn't so bad. I'm proud of him. Even though now that he has his haircut, i've realized how big that boy's head actually is. It's bigger than a coconut.

I wish i had gotten to talk to Amanda more today. We only talked for like 28 seconds. Hopefully I'll hear more from her tomorrow =)

Goodnight all.

Ps. Cory, if you don't write about your story, I will!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's been a while.

So it's been a while since my last blog. Hmmm what has happened since then? Not a lot.
I'll just write about today.

So I got to skip my first class. Hooray! Comp was boring. We just talked. History was more boring. We just talked with less student participation. Then lunch with Cory! After lunch I went to work. The office secretary wants to turn my hair into dreadlocks. Ew. No. Oh well. Today there was a parade and i got to watch that on the clock! Best. Work shift. Ever. I didn't even have to do anything today. I just sat around and did homework. SCORE!

Momma was supposed to come down today. Well.. she did but something came up and got in the way of our plans. So now i'm just stuck in my dorm waiting until Amanda gets off work. If i had known,  would have gone to the fancy concert with Cory and Jen. Oh well. It's is what it is.

I might take a nap. I probably won't. Anyways, i can't wait to see momma tomorrow =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MTV's TrueLife or iCarly?

So today I actually went home for the day. Since I won the gas card, i figured it was a free trip to Tulsa. So worth it! Got to see Amanda and some good friends! We drove around and then went to the mall. I miss all my old work friends! They were so excited to see me there at Chick-fil-A! It was awesome because i walked up with Amanda to order and when it was time to ring me up, my old boss came out and made it free =D hooray for free Chick-fil-A when i'm not even working there! Super awesome. Then we went and walked around the mall. We then wen't back to Amanda's house and chatted with her siblings and stuff. Miss those kids.  Then I came back to my dorm. The TV was on and no one was here and TrueLife was on. It was actually a pretty good episode. Then Jt comes into the room and just changes it to iCarly without saying anything. What the crap? Oh well. It's not worth it. I'm going to put in to move next semester. At least him watching that gives me a chance to blog!! Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to go to Newalla and pickup an old '93 Macintosh! I hope it's epic.

I'm so tired. Can't wait to get some good sleep =)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Won't back down.

Ah... so last night I get in my dorm and my whole room has been rearranged thanks to none other than JT. I kinda like it cause it means there's no bed over my head. But Ed was NOT happy. I think he's getting used to it. But I don't know why he did that without telling anyone. All our stuff was everywhere and we had to clean up our stuff cause he moved it all but oh well. It gave me an excuse to make my bed I guess! Cory and I went to Panera last night and all the outlets were sealed up! What the crap? Who seals off outlets? Then we went to BFC and all that jazz. Then went back to my room to skype Amanda =)

Today I almost overslept but i didn't. JT never came back to the room last night. I haven't seen him in a while now. He's probably scared of us now. Cool. Ed and I were talking about next semester and moving rooms. We want new roommates. Cory, i'm coming for you. Classes were  boring. Class elections were today and during chapel people did skits and stuff to get us to vote for them. Then i went to work and basically just played on my ipod the whole time. OH!  I found an iPhone 4 in the grass and got it to its owner. Man I wish I was not a good person so I could keep it! I would just use it as my iPod, but I would still be able to do FaceTime and stuff. What ever happened to finders keepers?? Oh well. I got a sweet awesome colored picture of our group in the mail! Some of the best mail ever! Hahaha. Cory looks like a chick.

Ah I don't want to study for my history Exam tomorrow. But I need to. And I need to do the rest of my homework.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bliggity Blog!

Argh. I'm so tired. Last night, i was up till 3. I woke up and was like, "Man, i don't want to wake up." So i went back to bed. And skipped my Computer class so.. yeah. I slept in. In Comp, Prof. Querry shredded some poster he pulled off the hallway wall. It was actually just really funny. Then i went and at breakfast and they had bacon! Jen was there. And so was Steven. I probably just butchered how you're supposed to spell his name. Sorry Steven. And then some random girl was there. Then i went to History. Hooray history i guess! Now i'm eating a gross lunch with Cory. I don't want to go to work so i'm writing this instead and it's much more entertaining! 
Please enjoy this witty cartoon!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fourth Kind

Today I had two exams. Whoopdeedoo!
Then was chapel and i got tired of standing but we just sang and sang.
Then i went to work and Mrs. Adams gave me a free Dr. Pepper! WOOOO!
Then i went back to my dormitory and skyped Amanda! I love her!
Then i went to dinner with Cory, Jennah, Jenna, and Jen.
Now i'm in the girl's dorm with Cory trying to watch the Fourth Kind and i just nearly died laughing cause Jennah was looking at me through the mirror. Then i saw her or she saw me but we nearly died laughing. Then this dude on the tv started screaming and i jumped and we all were freaking out and then the man on tv started floating and his mouth was huge! And there was screaming and weird voices!
The movie isn't over so i'm gonna watch it now. To be continued!!