Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catfish and Cory

Again it's been forever since my last blag.

What has happened? I don't know. Not a whole lot.
I guess I'll just start with the other day! So Cory, Jennah and I went to see Catfish! It took forever to get to the theatre and were 15 minutes late, but it was all good! The movie freaking rocked. I loved it. The Fun Dip was legit. And the mall it's at is amazing! After that I don't remember what I did. Went to pops. That's right. Lalalala. Um. After that went to Blockbuster and got a freaking sweet deal on Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Has a poster, booklet thing, a sweet box, soundtrack, and the theatrical version, special edition, and the directors cut. All for 7.99. Holla!

Today I woke up and Jennah wasn't feeling well so she skipped out on the mall with us. So just Cory and I went. We walked around for a while stopping in shops. OMG they have his movie store that has so many movies! I want them all! Then i bought a winter hat for winter. Ha. This way when it's icy, my ears won't freeze off my head. Then we walked back around the mall. Then we went to the food court and Cory got some Sbarros (sp?). Then we left and went back to SNU. Hey! We found a faster way to get to the mall now! Hooray!

After I got back, i watched Close Encounters. I feel asleep watching it. When i woke up i was hungry so i went to the Ho but it was closed. So i went to Pops but it was closed. So i decided to make a Sonic run! Hooray!!! Holy crap i went and used my Crimson Card for a 99 cent large drink and when they rang me up, it was only 86 cents! It was cheaper than the card said! YES! Found my new source for beverages! So i came back to my dorm and watched Starship Troopers. Classic. Jt watched most of it with me. He wasn't so bad. I'm proud of him. Even though now that he has his haircut, i've realized how big that boy's head actually is. It's bigger than a coconut.

I wish i had gotten to talk to Amanda more today. We only talked for like 28 seconds. Hopefully I'll hear more from her tomorrow =)

Goodnight all.

Ps. Cory, if you don't write about your story, I will!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's been a while.

So it's been a while since my last blog. Hmmm what has happened since then? Not a lot.
I'll just write about today.

So I got to skip my first class. Hooray! Comp was boring. We just talked. History was more boring. We just talked with less student participation. Then lunch with Cory! After lunch I went to work. The office secretary wants to turn my hair into dreadlocks. Ew. No. Oh well. Today there was a parade and i got to watch that on the clock! Best. Work shift. Ever. I didn't even have to do anything today. I just sat around and did homework. SCORE!

Momma was supposed to come down today. Well.. she did but something came up and got in the way of our plans. So now i'm just stuck in my dorm waiting until Amanda gets off work. If i had known,  would have gone to the fancy concert with Cory and Jen. Oh well. It's is what it is.

I might take a nap. I probably won't. Anyways, i can't wait to see momma tomorrow =)