Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fourth Kind

Today I had two exams. Whoopdeedoo!
Then was chapel and i got tired of standing but we just sang and sang.
Then i went to work and Mrs. Adams gave me a free Dr. Pepper! WOOOO!
Then i went back to my dormitory and skyped Amanda! I love her!
Then i went to dinner with Cory, Jennah, Jenna, and Jen.
Now i'm in the girl's dorm with Cory trying to watch the Fourth Kind and i just nearly died laughing cause Jennah was looking at me through the mirror. Then i saw her or she saw me but we nearly died laughing. Then this dude on the tv started screaming and i jumped and we all were freaking out and then the man on tv started floating and his mouth was huge! And there was screaming and weird voices!
The movie isn't over so i'm gonna watch it now. To be continued!!


  1. You are amazing. I love that Jennah still has your hat

  2. Oh yes. She does have my hat. Oh well!