Saturday, September 25, 2010

MTV's TrueLife or iCarly?

So today I actually went home for the day. Since I won the gas card, i figured it was a free trip to Tulsa. So worth it! Got to see Amanda and some good friends! We drove around and then went to the mall. I miss all my old work friends! They were so excited to see me there at Chick-fil-A! It was awesome because i walked up with Amanda to order and when it was time to ring me up, my old boss came out and made it free =D hooray for free Chick-fil-A when i'm not even working there! Super awesome. Then we went and walked around the mall. We then wen't back to Amanda's house and chatted with her siblings and stuff. Miss those kids.  Then I came back to my dorm. The TV was on and no one was here and TrueLife was on. It was actually a pretty good episode. Then Jt comes into the room and just changes it to iCarly without saying anything. What the crap? Oh well. It's not worth it. I'm going to put in to move next semester. At least him watching that gives me a chance to blog!! Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to go to Newalla and pickup an old '93 Macintosh! I hope it's epic.

I'm so tired. Can't wait to get some good sleep =)